About me

Itzhak Ben-Levy – LEAN Expert

My name is Itzhak (Itzik) Ben Levy and I am a LEAN expert consultant in implementing LEAN methodology in production, logistic, operation and mainly in product development. I hold a BA in Mechanical Engineering, Technion,Haifa, (1969), and master’s degree in business administration fromBostonUniversity(1991). I worked at Israel Aerospace Industries as mechanical engineer, (IAI) for 38 years, and in the last 12 years I lead the implementation of LEAN methodology on lean product development in all IAI divisions and suppliers. I facilitated about 500 Kaizen events and about 700 LPD workshops.

Since 2007 I became a private LEAN Expert Consultant and dealing mainly with implementing LEAN product development. My main customers are:  Israel Ministry of Defense MOD, Israeli Air Force, the main big defense industries, and big privet industries.

My experience is implementing the following methodologies:

  • Organization change management
  • Kaizen events and workshops
  • Toyota Production System tools (TPS) (40 tools)
  • New Product Introduction, (NPI)
  • LEAN Product Development, (LPD)
  • LEAN System Engineering (LSE)
  • VSM – Value stream and process mapping
  • DFMA, DFX – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • QFD – Quality Function Deployment
  • Requirement Elicitation
  • DTC – Design to Cost
  • Risk Management
  • IPT – Integrated Product Team
  • Suppliers chain management and development
  • Training and mentoring  LEAN champion and facilitators

My ability to integrate many years of experience and the right combination of methodologies and tools to the specific needs of the organization and the project manager, make me one of the few experts in LEAN product development.


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